South of Scotland Flock Competition Results

Flock Competition winners, Robert Whittaker, Russell Gray, judge Johnny Aiken, Hannah Jackson, Ben Radley and Stuart Ramsey

Commenting on his judging experience, Johnny would like to thank the south of Scotland region for asking him to judge.

“The champion flock from Russell Gray showed great breed characteristics good bodies good skins good legs and they had a bit of spark. They were very uniform right through with a good batch of ewe lambs to add to the flock”.

“My reserve champion flock was John Andrew This flock was very similar to my winners good sound ewes, but some didn’t have as much character This flock won the ewe lambs with a great bunch of lambs with a bit of power good bodies and nice style”.

Helen Sloan and her daughter Hannah won the small flocks, Johnny commented “these ewes where bright with good heads good skins and very even. They also won the ewe lambs with a batch of long clean lambs which will grow into a good crop of gimmers”.

“Reserve in the small flocks was S Ramsey with a powerful bunch of ewes, wide and uniform This flock also won the junior ram award with a stylish lamb good on his legs and good skin”. 

Nine flocks took part in this years South of Scotland flock competition kindly judged by Johnny Aiken. Winning overall champion flock was Russell Gray from Lanark, Scotland.

Large flock ewes:

1st Russell gray

2nd John Andrew,

3rd Robert Whittaker 

Large flock tups:

1st & 2nd Robert Whittaker

3rd David Brown 

Large flock ewe lambs:

1st John Andrew

2nd Russell gray

3rd Robert Whittaker 

Small flock ewes:

1st Hannah Jackson

2nd Stuart Ramsey

3rd Nicola Henderson 

Small flock tups:

1st Ben Radley 

Small flock ewe lambs:

1st Hannah Jackson

2nd Stuart Ramsey

3rd Ben Radley 

Junior stock tup:

1st Stuart Ramsey

2nd Robert Whittaker

3rd James Clanachan

Champion flock: Russell gray 

Reserve: John Andrew 

Show points: Ben Radley