Understanding Performance Recording

Many trials over the past 15 years have proved the financial gain by the use of high index performance rams. Lambs produced by high index rams consistently out-perform those sired by rams that have been selected by ‘eye alone’.

The financial advantage of this increase in performance is highly significant. On most farms involved in trial work the financial benefits associated with the use of high index rams was £4 per lamb.

EBVs Explained

Those animals performance recorded receive EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) for various traits. Selecting the animal that is superior in the trait/s that are important for your production system, will give the best results.

Decide on the breeding targets for your flock. What will make the most money?
Faster growth rates?
Better muscled lambs?
Heavier carcases?
Leaner lambs?

  • Then discuss your breeding targets with the ram breeder, who will help you select rams with the right EBVs to fulfil your targets.
  • Next, obtain a breed benchmark from Signet to compare the rams you view against the rest of the breed.
  • Buy early – to choose from the best selection of recorded rams with the EBVs that you want.
  • Invest in the best – the difference between an average recorded ram and one with high EBVs could be worth £800 over its lifetime.

The different EBVs for Charollais are:

Eight-week weight (kg)
The breeding potential for growth from birth to eight weeks of age.

Scan weight (kg)
The breeding potential for growth from birth to 20/21 weeks (age at scanning). High scan weights result in animals with heavier carcases at a constant fat class or leaner carcases at a constant age.

Muscle depth (mm)
A direct assessment of an animal’s muscularity and potential to increase lean meat yield.

Fat depth (mm)
Negative values indicate animals with lower fat content which will produce leaner carcasses or which can be taken to higher weights without becoming over-fat.

Highlights superior breeding stock for both the pedigree and commercial producer, for a specific breeding objective.  All Society sale catalogues will contain the EBVs for rams from recorded flocks. We also publish the Benchmark for the breed which enables buyers to identify where a ram ranks within the breed.  

For a list of performance recorded Stock rams and ram lambs

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