The Society organises ‘judges training and assessment sessions’ for all new panel judges. At these days we train potential judges on matters of judging etiquette and also breed standard.

The Society also runs a programme of workshops for existing judges. During these sessions, the trainers also stress the importance of maintaining a close link to the commercial attributes of our breed. While it’s important to appreciate the importance of show classes to promote the breed to the farming and a wider audience, it’s important to remember that show sheep must show all the attributes that make Charollais a top terminal sire.

Important points for exhibitors:

  • Sheep must be shorn bare on or after 1st December
  • All sheep must be identified as specified by the Society and current UK legislation and registered with the Society
  • The exhibition of sheep with black spots is discouraged
  • The exhibition of sheep with shaved heads is strongly discouraged and judges are encouraged to discriminate against animals presented in this manner
  • Please refer to the Society’s breed standard

Judges panel – the following judges are available to judge