The Society has co-ordinated the export of breeding stock and genetic material to many European countries and further afield.  The breed has been established in New Zealand and Australia.

The Society’s staff have experience in sourcing the most suitable animals for export requirements, while at the same time handling the management of export certification and links with transport companies. The Society also works closely with artificial breeding companies to give new breeders the best service for establishing Charollais in a new country.

Society Premier Sale in Dungannon have facilities for the direct export of breeding stock to European countries.

Equally, if breeders are looking to import Charollais from outside the UK, the Society is on hand to offer support and guidance.

For your information here is a link to a list of existing export health certificates that relate to countries outside the European Union.

Below are links to breeders who are keen to export. These breeders have indicated an interest and have experience in exporting livestock and genetic material.  Please feel free to contact them direct.

If you would like to add your flock to the list, please contact the office direct.


Andrew Coombs – Mendip flock

Tel: 01761 232448 Mob: 07974 819389 Email: Social media: Follow on Facebook @ Mendip Charollais sheep/Mendip Zwartbles sheep

RS & JA Gregory – Edstaston flock

Tel: 01939 291466 Mob: 07976 589393 Email: Social media: Follow on Facebook @ Robert Gregory

W & C and G & B Ingram – Logie Durno and Loanhead flocks

Tel: 01467 681579 Mob: 07974 746581 Email: Social media: Follow on Facebook @ Logie Durno Sheep

D & L Mawhinney – Rockvilla flock

Tel: 028 918 12076 Mob: 07834 543061 Email: Social media: Follow on Facebook @ David Mawhinney

N Oughton – Lowerye flock

Mob: 07977 458544 Email: Website: 

CW and JM Thomas – Wolston flock 

Tel: 02476 542409 Mob: 07813 802460 Email:

G Pink  – Bicton flock 

Tel: 01743 850275 Mob: 07792 646245 Email: 

M Britten – Cavick Flock

Mob: 07769 803642