Loaningfoot flock clinches Royal Highland championship

A fantastic line up of Charollais sheep graced judge Russell Gray at the Highland Show yesterday and taking his eye was a shearling ewe from Ben Radley’s Loaningfoot flock. Closely following him having stood second in the same class and the reserve female championship was another shearling ewe, this time from Jonathan Aiken’s Carnew flock.

See below for class results and a picture gallery. Images are available to purchase from Country Girl Media.

Champion from Ben Radley, alongside judge Russell Gray and his son Matthew.


Ram two shear or over: 

Aged ram winner – Alford family

1st M Alford 20WLS02551

2nd Ingram 20xwy00604

Shearling ram 

Shearling ram winner – Ingram family

1st Ingram 21ZNN37414

2nd Duncan 21XXJ01030

3rd Radley 

Ram lamb 

Ram lamb – Ingram family

1st Ingram 22WNC43554

2nd Alford 22XWY00727

3rd Sloan 22HR04675

Ewe two shear or over 

Aged ewe – Ingram family

1st Ingram 19WNC27404

2nd Aiken 19ZXJ25563

3rd Ingram 20WNC32141

Shearling ewe 

Female and overall champion from Ben Radley

1st Radley 21XZR01188 

2nd Aiken 21ZXJ30751

3rd Ingram 21ZNN37362

Ewe lamb 

Ewe lamb – Ingram family

1st Ingram 22WNC43516

2nd Duncan 22WHK00325

3rd Ingram 22WNC43525

Group of Three

Group of Three – Ingram family

1st Ingrams 

Best male – Alford 20WLS02551

Reserve male – Ingram 20XWY00604

Champion female – Radley 21XZR01188

Reserve female champion – Aiken 21ZXJ30751

Champion Radley 21XZR01188

Reserve Champion Aiken 21ZXJ30751

Reserve male – aged ram from the Ingram family
Reserve female and reserve overall from Jonathan Aiken