Judges training day

The Charollais Society takes seriously the appointment of our show judges and who is a member of our official judge’s panel.  To this end we have established over many years a system of bringing new show judges onto our Panel.  At the beginning of June, 12 hopeful candidates went through our Training & Assessment Day.  The day was kindly hosted by Robert and Jeannette Gregory on their farm in Shropshire. 

Each candidate is asked to judge a class of Charollais, in this case 6 shearling ewes, as if it was a County Show.  After their placings the master judges posed questions on their placings, findings and their opinion of the sheep as well as a critique of their ring skills. 

In the afternoon the Society runs through presentations on Judging Etiquette and Breed Standard and Characteristics.   We cover all the things judges need to think about; from responding to invitations, communications with exhibitors, what to wear and how to go about the task. 

The second part is about the traits that are important in the Charollais breed and what our emphasis should be on, as well as checking for correctness.

The master judges will now deliberate on each of the candidates and make their recommendations to Council in November.