New look Charollais Young Breeders

The Charollais Sheep Society has recently revised a new look to the refreshed Charollais Young Breeders Group.

The aim of the group is to encourage young sheep farmers in the breeding of Charollais sheep, while education and developing their skills in a range of industry related subjects.

Society secretary Carroll Barber explains: “Committee members will be invited to pitch their ideas and suggestions to Council and take on roles at national level. The Society also expects them to motivate you g breeders to take part in shows, sales and industry events.”

There will be three categories of membership for Charollais Young Breeders, open to everyone between the age of 10 and 30 (inclusive).

Category 1 – Free digital membership

Take part in all activities and receive all publications in digital format.

Category 2 – Printed Publication Membership

Take part in all activities and receive all publications in printed format. Fee for this category – first year free of charge (if paid by Direct Debit), subsequent years £12 (no VAT).

Category 3 – Full membership

All benefits of Society membership plus membership of the Charollais Young Breeders Group. Ability to register your own flock and register lambs, as well as take part in special classes at shows and sales. Fee for this category £50 + VAT

There will be a special class at Worcester Premier Sale one only for young members with a registered flock. For 2022 we will offer every young breeder one free entry.