Three Counties Show Results 2018

1st   L M Buckland – 16WNC15403

Shearling Ram
1st    L M Buckland – 17XLT02947
2nd  G & C Watson – 17YST00727
3rd   B James – 17XHE00286

Ram Lamb
1st    D Roberts – 18XHE00394 (+ Male Champion)
2nd  D Roberts – 18XHE00357
3rd   G & C Watson – 18YST00780

1st    D Roberts – 16WCF00701
2nd  B James – 16WRZ00157
3rd   L Buckland – 14XLT01702

Shearling Ewe
1st    D Roberts – 17WNY02891
2nd  D Roberts – 17XHE00299
3rd   B James – 17ZCA00196

Ewe Lamb
1st    D Roberts – 18XHE00380
2nd  D Roberts – 18XHE00386
3rd   D Roberts – 18XHE00381

Pair bred by the Exhibitor
1st    D Roberts
2nd  G & C Watson
3rd   R & B Kimber

Group of three
1st    D Roberts
2nd  R & B Kimber

Supreme Champion – D Roberts – 16WCF00701
Reserve Champion – D Roberts – 18XHE00394


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