Below are links to the websites of individual Charollais Breeders.
Click on the link to visit their site.

BREEDER FLOCK (Click link to view site)
William and Carole Ingram, Aberdeenshire LOGIE DURNO CHAROLLAIS
Charles and Valerie Marwood, North Yorkshire FOULRICE CHAROLLAIS
Neil Oughton, Gloucestershire LOWERYE CHAROLLAIS
Tony & June Gregory, Buckinghamshire COLDHARBOUR CHAROLLAIS
Andrew and Jan Walton, Cheshire RAINBOW CHAROLLAIS
Robert and Jeanette Gregory, Shropshire EDSTASTON CHAROLLAIS
Drew and Andrew Cowan, Northern Ireland. TULLYEAR CHAROLLAIS
Charles Sercombe, Leicestershire DALBY CHAROLLAIS
Mark and Margie Rushbrooke, Worcestershire BRETTLES CHAROLLAIS
Emyr Hughes, Pembrokeshire BRONWYDD CHAROLLAIS
Norman McMordie, Northern Ireland RIVERDALE CHAROLLAIS
Mike and Melanie Alford, Devon FOXHILL CHAROLLAIS
Christopher and Pippa Hawes, Oxon GRANGE CHAROLLAIS
J Ryan & Miss M Price, Hereford OAKCHURCH CHAROLLAIS
Mr Jan Boomaars, Woldingham VEXOUR CHAROLLAIS


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