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Great Yorkshire Show 2012


Champion Senior Ram, Gyffin Knockout from Mr Percy Tait.


Reserve Champion, shearling ewe from the Foulrice Flock of Charles Marwood.

Great Yorkshire Show 2011

Terminal Sire Interbreed Male Champion and Charollais Breed Champion, Springfield Inxs (ZGB 8007) from Stephen and Nicol Hodgson’s Halfpenny Flock.

Terminal Sire Interbreed Female Champion and Charollais Breed Reserve Champion, home-bred shearling ewe, Sulwood Kinky Kitten from Geoff Watson and Carol Grain

Reserve Male Champion, shearling ram Logie Durno Kingmaker (ZNN 0053) from Robert and Samuel Tindall’s Linton Springs flock.

Also from the Linton Springs flock, the reserve female champion the senior ewe (XUJ 9136).

The final line-up in the group class; 1st Linton Springs and 2nd Sulwood flock.

The breed judge, Mr David Mawhinney from Northern Ireland studies the three 1st prize male winners. From left to right
shearling ram Logie Durno Kingmaker, ram lamb from the Halfpenny Flock, 11YUU 0071 a son of the champion and Springfield Inxs the eventual winner.

Franklin Haney