June 12, 2019

County Show Results 2019

Royal Cornwall – 8th June 2019

Will Price undertook the task of judging his first county show at Royal Cornwall, which was the regions feature show for 2019. He picked his Champion as Mr & Mrs Alfords Aged Ewe. She had to come through a super strong class of aged ewes before going on to take the female and then breed championship.
The second day of judging took place in weather similar to Mid Winter, with torrents of rain running in rivers through the sheep marquee. Nevertheless the breed continued to pick up Interbreed titles, starting with the Ram Lamb from Mr & Mrs Watts winning Reserve Interbreed Ram Lamb Champion (Willow Uh-Oh, Lot 150 at the Premier Sale this year). The Individual Interbreed was as always a highly contested competition which saw Mr & Mrs Alfords aged ewe take the Supreme Sheep honours.

This is an amazing feat for the breed to have done so hats off to all competitors at the shows!

Royal Bath and West – 29th May to 1st June 2019

Arwyn Thomas, National Chairman judged in cold, damp conditions at Royal Bath and West Show. He picked out his breed Champion as Mr G Burroughs Shearling Ewe (Sheldon Tantastic – Lot 5 at the Premier Sale this year).
On the Second day of judging Mr G Burroughs Group of Three managed to pick up the title of Champion Continental Shortwooled Group of Three. Mr Burrough then went one better with his shearling ewe when she was picked out as the Champion Continental Shortwooled Champion, before competing against the other section winners to be crowned Supreme Sheep Champion.

Ballymoney Show – 31st May to 1st June 2019

Ram: 1st & 2nd W McAllister, 3rd – Ms R McBratney
Ewe: 1st W McAllister,  2nd Ms R McBratney, 3rd G Houston
Shearling Ewe: 1st, 2nd & 3rd W McAllister

Ewe Lamb:  1st W McAllister, 2nd A Moore, 3rd Ms R McBratney
Ram Lamb: 1st David Kerr, 2nd Ms R McBratney, 3rd A Moore
Group of three: 1st & 2nd W McAllister, 3rd A Moore
Champion & Reserve Champion : W McAlliste

Cothi Bridge Show – 25th May 2019

Ram: Simon Evans
Single Ewe: 1st ID & EM Griffiths, 2nd DS & SL Brigginshaw, 3rd Simon Evans
Ewe Lamb:  1st Brigginshaw, 2nd Brigginshaw, 3rd Simon Evans
Ram Lamb: 1st Brigginshaw, 2nd Griffiths
Group of three: 1st Brigginshaw, 2nd Simon Evans, 3rd Griffiths
Champion: Griffiths
Reserve Champion: Simon Evans

Devon County – 16-18th May 2019

Geoff Watson from Kettering undertook the task of judging at Devon County Show this year. He found his Breed Champion in Mr G Burroughs Aged ram (Ffwrd Samson – Lot 25 at the Premier Sale this year).
On the Second day of judging in the Interbreed rings, the ram was tapped out as Overall Champion by Mr C Marwood.

Ayr County Show – 11th May 

Ram: 1st & 2nd H Sloan
Ewe: 1st B Radley, 2nd H Sloan
Shearling Ewe: 1st B Radley, 2nd H Sloan, 3rd B Radley

Ewe Lamb:  1st H Sloan, 2nd & 3rd R&J Andrew
Ram Lamb: 1st – H Sloam, 2nd & 3rd R&J Andrew
Group of three: 1st H Sloan
Champion: H Sloan with her ram lamb
Reserve Champion: B Radley with his shearling ewe