Sale Pictures 2012

Worcester Premier Sale 2012

3062012 Lot 151
Lot 151 Loanhead Midas Touch sold for 7,800 gns to Peter Wood, Knockhill Flock and half share retained by the Ingram family.

Lot 108 Dalby Malachite sold for 6,500 gns to Robert Gregory, Edstaston flock, Abbie Moseley, Knockin flock, Andrew & Jan Walton, Rainbow flock and Tim Greenow, Fortress flock.

3062012 Lot 215
Lot 215 Logie Durno Magnum sold for 5,600 gns to Adrian Davies, Glyn Coch flock and David & Paul Curran, Wernfawr flock.

3062012 Lot 218
Right – Lot 218 Wernfawr Magnum sold for 5,200 gns to Mr & Mrs Jonathan Corbett, Wedderburn flock.

3062012 Lot 152
Lot 152 Rhaeadr Minder sold for 4,800 gns to Peter & James Vaughan, Kings Land flock.

3062012 Lot 68
Lot 68 Glyn Coch Mr T sold for 4,400 gns to Meilir Jones, Aberkinsey flock.

3062012 Lot 159
Lot 159 Rhaeadr Midas sold for 4,400 gns to Alan & Herbie Kennedy, Parkgate flock.

3062012 Lot 154
Lot 154 Rhaeadr Mark sold for 3,600 gns to Dewi Evans, Ffrwd flock.

3062012 Lot 162
Lot 162 Lowerye Marvel sold for 3,000 gns to Jonathan Barber (Crogham flock), Charles Sercombe (Dalby flock), Medwyn Lloyd (Meyne Flock) and Laws & Davies (Crugyn flock).

3062012 Lot 177
Lot 177 Wraycastle sold for 2,600 gns to Andrew and Jan Walton, Rainbow flock.

3062012 Lot 301
Lot 301 Arbryn Midas sold for 3,100 gns to R Annett, Northern Ireland.

3062012 Lot 67
Lot 67 Glyn Coch Main Man for 3,360 gns to Robert Gregory, Edstaston flock and Abbie Moseley, Knockin flock.

3062012 Lot 32
Lot 32 Aberkinsey Livewire sold for 3,100 gns to Tim Prichard, Castellau flock

3062012 Lot 33
Lot 33 Aberkinsey Lucrative sold for 3,200 gns to Edward Lloyd Lewis, Gyffin flock.

3062012 Lot Peter Vaughan 128
Lot 128 Kings Land Megastar sold for 1,600 gns to Carol Irwin, Brandywells flock.

3062012 Lot Peter Vaughan 129
Lot 129 Kings Land Mr Muscle sold for 1,000 gns to William McAllister, Artnaguillon flock.

3062012 Lot 94
Lot 94 Glantren Merlot sold for 2,000 gns to Jonathan & Carroll Barber (Crogham flock) and Stuart Dunkley (Hyde flock)

3062012 3902
The Glyn Coch flock of Adrian Davies prior to the sale.

Dungannon Premier Sale 2012


Top-priced ram at the sale, Lot 102 from MConnell Brothers sold for 3,600 gns to Trevor Bell, Comber.

Lot 63 from Norman McMordie’s Riverdale flock sold for 3,000 gns to Lionel Organ, Carmarthenshire.

Two other top-priced ram lambs from Norman McMordie’s Riverdale Flock. Lot 64 sold for 1,200 gns to Liam Conway, Eire.

Lot 65 sold for 1,300 gns to Eamond Guinlivan, Eire.

Lot 11, top-priced shearling ram from Drew Cowan’s Tullyear flock sold for 1,350 gns to Noel Barton, Co Tyrone.

Lot 50 Rockvilla Mufasa, Champion in the pre-sale show classes from the Rockvilla Flock of David and Liz Mawhinney sold for 1,400 gns to Albert Ferguson, Eire.

Chelford Sale 2012

champion mark worthington
Champion from Mark Worthington sold for 875 gns.

parkgate flock
Reserve Champion from the Parkgate flock of Alan & Herbie Kennedy sold for 700 gns.

Builth NSA Main Sale 2012


Top price at Builth NSA Main sale was Lot 4823 from Huw Robert’s Bachymbyd Flock. Redhill Charollais from Rutland paid 3,800 gns for the tup.

Also from the Bachymbyd Flock, Lot 4811 went for 3,100 gns to David Roberts for his Boyo flock in Shropshire.

Top price ram lamb was from Nigel Sheldon’s Wrenvale Flock. Lot 5063 Wrenvale Master, sold for 3,050 gns to Meilir Jones and Edward Lloyd Lewis.