July 18, 2018

Sales Results 2017

SALE Total  Entry Category Number Entered Number Forward Number Sold Average 2017 Top Price Gns
WORCESTER PREM. 30 Shearling Ewes 30 28 25 £1,104.60 3000
Sat 1st July 199 Adult Rams 3 3 3 £525.00 500
Shearling Rams 36 34 30 £1,225.70 3400
Ram Lambs 160 139 121 £1,617.00 25000
DUNGANNON 152 Rams 2 1 1 £787.50 750
Monday 31st July Shearling Rams 33 24 20 £655.00 2400
Ram lambs 104 81 62 £616.69 2400
Females 13 13 10 £461.00 750
SHREWSBURY 30 Shearling Rams 11 11 9 £486.50 560
Tuesday 1st August Ram Lambs 19 12 7 £411.00 480
BUILTH WELLS NSA 175 Adult Rams 1 0 0
Mon 7th August Shearling Rams 126 111 94 £605.82 980
Ram Lambs 48 47 39 £428.88 600
BEESTON CASTLE 23 Shearling & Rams 12 12 9 £497.00 700
Thursday 10th August Ram lambs 11 11 10 £330.90 420
EXETER NSA SALE 229 Older Rams 4 0 0
Wednesday 16th August Shearling Rams 72 59 52 £552.88 780
Ram Lambs 72 60 44 £357.48 580
Older Ewes 28 22 21 £300.00 420
Shearling Ewes 48 45 33 £327.41 680
Ewe Lambs 5 5 5 £260.40 400
CARLISLE 50 Shearling Rams 18 17 13 £531.46 1000
Friday 25th August Ram lambs 24 21 10 £367.50 620
Shearling Ewes 8 0 0
SKIPTON 35 Shearling Rams 13 12 12 £523.25 650
Tuesday 12th Sept Ram Lambs 22 22 18 £330.17 450
DUNGANNON SEPT. 83 Shearling Rams 15 15 1 £336.00 320
Thursday 14th Sept. Ram Lambs 68 57 26 £375.58 860
BALLYMENA 118 Rams 1 1 1 £399.00 380
Mon. 18th Sept Shearling Rams 26 24 14 £412.50 780
Ram Lambs 91 79 42 £343.63 510
BUILTH WELLS II 422 Senior Rams 5 1 1 £525.00 500
Mon 25th September Shearling Rams 222 222 195 £601.47 2850
Ram Lambs 195 195 130 £459.18 2300
WELSHPOOL 98 Senior Ram 2 0 0
Thursday 28th Sept. Shearling Rams 75 64 48 £457.01 950
Ram Lambs 21 18 12 £371.88 450
SKIPTON FEMALES 53 Ewes 3 3 3 £269.50 300
Sat. 14th October Shearling Ewes 30 29 17 £469.41 1200
Ewe Lambs 20 20 14 £506.25 800
EASTERN REG. FEMALES 76 Ewes 12 12 12 £410.38 800
Sat. 28th October Shearling Ewes 40 38 30 £439.25 800
Ewe Lambs 24 24 20 £275.68 400
DUNGANNON FEMALES 72 Shearling Ewes 61 58 55 £541.99 1500
Mon 30th October Ewe Lambs 11 11 10 £411.60 620
WELSHPOOL FEMALES 75 Ewes 29 20 18 £369.83 1100
Sat 4th November Shearling Ewes 44 38 30 £409.50 530
Ewe Lambs 2 2 0 £0.00
1920 1920 1721 1327


25,000 gns Knockin Shockin smashes Charollais breed record at Worcester

A huge buzz of excitement ran through the entire Charollais Sale held at Worcester Market at the weekend and was topped when the show champion, Abbie Moseley’s ram lamb Knockin Shockin smashed the breed record when it sold for 25,000 gns.  Putting in the final bid, on his own was Shropshire breeder, Robert Gregory.  “I have followed the progress of this lamb for a long time and always felt he was something really special.  He has outstanding Charollais qualities of length, width and a serious backend and to boot is in the top 5% of the breed on performance.”   Robert was determined to secure this ram for himself and had to beat off bids from all over the UK and Ireland.  The sire Oakchurch Ruben was purchased at the 2016 Premier Sale for 3,200 gns and is out of a home-bred yearling ewe at Abbie’s farm at Knockin, near Oswestry.  This price broke the previous record of 10,500 gns for a ram lamb, Banwy Immense set in 2008.

Other ram lambs in the Knockin pen were amongst the high-priced animals; at 6,000 gns was Knockin Smart Arse which sold to two Northern Ireland breeders, William McAllister and Ian Craig.  This was another Oakchurch Ruben son out of Dalby Malachite ewe and Arjane Jumanji grand dam.  Just below this at 5,800 gns was Knockin Stud Muffin by Bronwydd Pride of Pembroke, 1st prize winner at the Royal Welsh Show in 2016.  His buyers were C D Timm from Yorkshire and Russell Gray from Lanark.

Early in the day Justin Evans from Dinas Powys sold his tup lamb Sant Andras Sergeant Major for 9,000 gns to Michael Power from Southern Ireland.  This son of Rhaeadr Prince was out of a Glyn Coch ewe purchased at the Worcester Saucy Sale in 2013.

Long-time supporters of the breed, Mark and Margie Rushbrook from Bewdley in Worcestershire were delighted when their son of Rainbow Road to Utopia, Brettles Sherman sold for 7,000 gns to the Wernfawr flock of David Curran and the Glyn Coch flock of Adrian Davies both from Wales.  His dam was by Crogham Logic and the tup lamb had outstanding figures for growth and went with his name ‘built like a tank’.

The Wernfawr flock were in the money with their lamb Wernfawr Spartacus which sold for 7,000 gns to Tim Prichard, Castellau Flock and Emyr Hughes, Bronwydd flock both from Wales.  The tup took the reserve champion ram lamb award in the show classes and was sired by Wernfawr Nijinsky out of a Glantren Legend ewe.

First time vendor, David Roberts from Kenley in Shropshire saw the pick of his pen a correct and shapely lamb knocked down for 5,500 gns to Ben James from Tenbury Wells, Worcester.  The lamb was the product of a purchase from the dispersal sale of the Banwy Flock; sired by Aberkinsey Nitrogen.

The highest performance index lamb on offer came from the Dalby pen of Charles Sercombe, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.   Another Sherman, this tup lamb was the 2nd highest indexed lamb in the breed this year and was the pick at

5,100 gns of Charles Marwood for his Foulrice Flock, near York.  His sire was Dalby Ranieri out of a Brettles Jetstream ewe.

Recouping some of his outlay on the top-priced lamb was Robert Gregory with a top price in his pen of 4,200 gns for Edstaston Silver Lining, by Bronwydd Pride of Pembroke who went over the water to Northern Irish breeders, McConnell Bros for their Hollylodge Flock.  His next best was at 4,000 gns for Edstaston Sotogrande, a Skelton Whin Odyssey son out of a show yearling going back to Edstaston Dubai.  Clubbing together to secure his services were Mr and Mrs Jonathan Corbett from the Wedderburn flock in Gloucestershire and Dewi Evans from Anglesey.

Top prices in the shearling ram section came from the Loanhead pen of rams from Gregor and Bruce Ingram from Aberdeenshire.  The champion shearling ram, Loanhead Ringleader was a Rhaeadr Orlando son; the Royal Highland Male Champion in 2017 and Champion in 2016. Going to 3,400 gns for this very heavily fleshed tup was Glyn Meyrick from the Bould Flock in Oxfordshire.  At the same money was Loanhead Renegade by the same sire and he was the pick of T F Duncan from Co Antrim in Northern Ireland.

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the arrival of Charollais sheep in the UK a special sale of ‘Super Stars’ shearling ewes was held on the Friday evening.  A huge crowd gathered at the market with lights and music to accompany the top quality gimmers.  Leading the trade was a beautiful ewe, Ringclare Rionach from first time vendors Kenny, Sheila and Geoffrey Malcomson over from Northern Ireland.  Their gimmer was an embryo daughter of Ballyhibben Lulu purchased from Michael Power for 4,700 euros.  After spirited bidding she was knocked down for 3,000 gns to Andrew and Jan Walton for their Rainbow Flock in Cheshire.

Next best in the female sale were two outstanding gimmers from the Ingram family who both sold for 1,900 gns.  The first was Loanhead Rihanna sired by Rhaeadr Orlando and out of a top producing Loanhead Midas Touch ewe.  Her buyer was Mrs Sheena Coghill from the Hekra Flock on Orkney.  Next was a massive ewe, also by Rhaeadr Orlando which sold to Dominic Beaumont from Preston in Lancashire.

Average prices were up across all sections and with clearance rates of 88-90% the sale was hailed by all as an overwhelming success.  Chief Executive, Jonathan Barber said “I am not surprised by the uplift in the trade for our breed; all around the UK this year I have heard nothing but glowing reports from commercial producers on the ability of Charollais tups to produce fast growing, quality lambs and rams that work and last for their owners.”

Averages :

25 shearling ewes averaged £1104.50  clearance rate 89%

3 senior rams averaged £525.00 clearance rate 100%

30 shearling rams averaged £1225.70 (+£320) clearance rate 88%

121 ram lambs averages £1617.00 (+£430) clearance rate 90%

Auctioneer : Clive Roads, McCartneys




Buyers from South and UK Mainland flocked to Dungannon Market for the Northern Ireland Export Sale of Charollais. Topping the trade were two rams both knocked down for 2,400 gns.

First at this price was the winning shearling ram from the Cardoonan Flock of Ian Goudy. His smart, correct tup was sired by Logie Durno Lightning Strike, a son of multi-winning tup Rockvilla Golden Promise out of a Artnagullion Langshine ewe. The tup went South to Eddie O’Sullivan from Co Meath.

Top price ram lamb was from William Sherrard’s Greenvale flock. This very high index performance lamb was fiercely fought after by two mainland flocks and was eventually taken by Jonathan Wales from Cumbria for his Thackwood Flock. The lamb was sired by Arnagullion Puma out of a home-bred ewe by Logie Durno Nobleman.

Ian Craig’s good pen of lambs all sired by Springhill O’Driscoll from his Ballynoe House Flock created much interest and his top was 2,300 gns. Paying this price was Gerry Grogan from Co Kildare. His next best was 1,000 gns which was the choice of Michael Miller from Dorset.

The pre-sale show classes were judged by Bruce Ingram from Aberdeenshire and he picked a very well-fleshed lamb from the Artnagullion Flock of William McAllister as his champion. The lamb went on to sell for 1,200 gns to Albert Ferguson from Co Cork. The dam of this lamb was Interbreed Champion at Balmoral in 2013 and his sire Riverdale Preacher. Another Preacher son from the same pen sold for 1,100 gns to Lorna Stubbs, a new breeder in NI.

Graham Foster’s Springhill flock had a good day, taking the female championship with his ewe lamb and strong trade for his tup lambs. Leading his prices at 1,700 gns was a February born, Ballynoe House Playboy son which sold to David Argue from Co Cavan. His next best was
900 gns for a son of Springhill royal Commander, Champion Junior Stock Ram N.I. 2016.

Ian Goudy also had a leading price in the tup lambs, 1,100 gns for a Highway Obelisk son which sold to Ronnie Scott, Co Tyrone, Ryelands Flock.

The reserve champion came from the pen of Norman McMordie; going to 900 gns for a Logie Durno Nobleman son, out of a Castellau One in a Million ewe was Cecil Thomas from Coventry for his Wolston Flock. Cecil had visited the farm during the AGM visit to Northern Ireland and had asked Charles Sercombe to bid on the lamb for him. A full brother sold for 850 gns to Robert Cromie, Co Down.

The first prize winner from this year’s Balmoral Show from Jonathan Aiken’s Carnew flock sold for 1,000 gns to Jim Devenney, Co Donegal. His sire was Wernfawr Prospect and his dam the female champion from the 2014 Royal Highland Show.

The Hollylodge flock of Messrs McConnell Bros topped their trade at 1,000 gns for a son of Rhaeadr prospect which goes over the water to Johnathan and David Norman for their Kirkhouse Flock in Cumbria.

Top price female was 750 gns for the 2nd prize ewe lamb from the Springhill Flock a triplet, January born lamb by Springhill O’Driscol.

Averages :

20 Shearling rams averaged £687.75
62 Ram lambs averaged £647.53

More pictures of all the top prices on Facebook and our website.



Average prices and numbers sold were well up for the breed at the NSA Early Ram Sale held on Monday (7th August).  30 of the top shearling rams sold for in excess of £700 and they finished on an average of £605.32, up £75 on the year with an 85% clearance.

The top price of 980gns was reached twice first by CW Marwood & Son, Foulrice, Whenby selling to Mr Reg Brooke, North Farm, Worcester and then by WC & RL Bowen, Gwyndy, Llandeloy selling to Tenbury Farm Supplies, Tenbury.  The Foulrice pen of yearlings from Charles Marwood had excellent trade finishing on an average of £670 for 20 sold.

The Pre-sale show was judged by Dilwyn Davies, Fford Uchaf, Llanstephan who awarded his Champion to the First Prize Yearling from EW Quick & Sons, Loosebeare Manor, Credition.  This tup was sired by Loosebeare Lord and sold for 920gns to M E Jones Penalltygwyn, Beulah, Ceredigion.  Another from the Loosebeare flock sold for 820 gns to the same buyer.

The top price ram lamb was the first prize performance ram lamb from Gerald Burrough, Sheldon Grange, Dunkeswell, selling for 600gns to CW Marwood & Son, Foulrice, Whenby.

There were 38 Rams lambs sold to average £440 which was £54.35 up on the year with an 83% clearance.

Auctioneers : Brightwells.

Champion Early Builth 2017 - E W Quick

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