January 15, 2020

Sale Report 2019

SALE Total Entry Category Number Entered Number Forward Number Sold % sold Average 2019 Top Price Gns
WORCESTER PREM. 254 Shearling Ewes 23 23 15 65% 835 1850
29th June 2019   Adult Rams 2 1 1 100% 735 735
    Shearling Rams 37 32 22 69% 1344.95 3600
    Ram Lambs 192 186 105 56% 1352.16 12000
DUNGANNON 160 Rams 3 3 3 100% £686.01 900
29th July 2019   Shearling Rams 28 25 15 60% £639.10 1000
    Ram lambs 98 88 60 68% £662.03 2000
    Females 31 31 31 100% £507.26 1200
        8 7      
SHREWSBURY 20 Shearling Rams 5 5 3 60% £399.00 440
30th July 2019   Ram Lambs 15 13 10 77% £348.60 550
BUILTH WELLS NSA 117 Shearling Rams 78 67 67 100% £611.19 1080
5th August 2019   Ram Lambs 39 32 32 100% £511.22 1350
EXETER NSA SALE 141 Older Rams 5 5 2 40% £420.00 400
14th August   Shearling Rams 56 47 33 70% £500.50 880
    Ram Lambs 51 42 19 45% £393.47 600
    Older Ewes 4 2 0 0%   0
    Shearling Ewes 22 21 12 57% £303.63 500
    Ewe Lambs 3 2 2 100% £262.50 250
CARLISLE 110 Shearling Rams 24 24 16 67% £595.88 850
30th August   Ram lambs 20 18 14 78% £520.50 1000
    Ewe Lamb 9 9 8 89% £430.50 500
    Female Pens 16 16 11 69% £270.14 320
DUNGANNON SEPT. 69 Shearling Rams 15 14 10 71% £407.40 500
12th September   Ram Lambs 54 44 26 59% £322.88 620
SKIPTON 42 Shearling Rams 20 17 12 71% £455.00 500
17th September   Ram Lambs 22 22 3 14% £241.50 250
BALLYMENA 83 Shearling Rams 17 16 9 56% £391.99 600
23rd September   Ram Lambs 66 57 41 72% £354.95 480
BUILTH WELLS II 411 Shearling Rams 206 190 163 86% £588.39 3200
23rd September   Ram Lambs 205 197 141 72% £424.80 3000
WELSHPOOL 77 Senior Ram 1 0 0      
26th September   Shearling Rams 50 32 32 100% £457.41 750
    Ram Lambs 26 20 20 100% £442.05 600
EXETER FEMALES 38 Ewes 13 13 12 92% £167.13 350
11th October   Shearling Ewes 22 12 10 83% £417.90 520
    Ewe Lambs 3 3 1 33% £273.00 260
SKIPTON FEMALES 88 Ewes 9 9 9 100% £395.50 500
12th October   Shearling Ewes 48 44 36 82% £516.83 1200
    Ewe Lambs 31 30 14 47% £312.75 550
EASTERN REG. FEMALES 44 Ewes 6 0 0      
26th October   Shearling Ewes 30 13 9 69% £446.83 700
    Wilkin Dispersal 8 8 8 100% £196.88 210
DUNGANNON FEMALES 113 Shearling Ewes 66 65 58 89% £489.43 1600
28th October   Ewe Lambs 47 46 31 67% £620.18 1900
WELSHPOOL FEMALES 124 Ewes 13 8 4 50% £385.88 400
2nd November   Shearling Ewes 95 88 48 55% £397.03 720
    Ewe Lambs 10 9 1 11% £210.00 200
    Wilkin Dispersal 6 5 5 100% £172.20 220


Hereford High Flyers Sale including a reduction sale of the Wernfawr Flock – Saturday 19th October

Plenty of support for the annual Hereford High Flyers sale that this year featured a reduction sale of David & Paul Curran’s Wernfawr Flock.

The aged ewes on offer from Wernfawr, Arbryn and Castellau sold at 100% clearance rate averaging 516.67gns. The top price was Lot 4 from the Wernfawr flock selling for 1,200gns to David Roberts of the Boyo flock – a Castellau ewe sired by Logie Durno Officer and in lamb to Wernfawr Stormer. The second highest price was Lot 14, also from Wernfawr flock, selling for 950gns to Robert Towers of the Camp House flock – sired by Shamrock Northern Star and in lamb to Wernfawr Ultimate Warrior.

In the shearling ewe section, the average was 664.53gns. Top price went to Lot 29 (pictured right) from Wernfawr flock selling for 3,800gns to James Danforth of the Lodgehill flock – sired by Brettles Sherman and in lamb to Wernfawr Stormer.

The second highest price was Lot 27 from Wernfawr flock, selling for 2,200gns to David Roberts. This shearling was sired by Wernfawr Stormer.

Other top prices from Wernfawr flock included Lot 32 selling for 1,350gns to David Roberts of the Boyo flock and Lot 44 that sold for 1,000gns to Jim Neil of the Runningburn flock.

The Gwyndy flock of Colin & Ros Bowen had a top price of 1,000gns for Lot 49, selling to Harry De Vliegher of Holland, who also purchased Lot 50 for 800gns. Gwyndy’s Lot 55 sold for 750gns to Nigel Sheldon of the Wrenvale flock – sired by Padest Sir Lancelot and in lamb to Bronwydd Professor.

The Elmwick flock of Jennifer Curtis had a top price of 1,300gns for Lot 58, selling to Andrew Davies of the Cannahars flock and his nephew Craig Bacon of the Broadgate flock – sired by Foulrice Raphael and in lamb to Elmwick Tommie.

Emyr Hughes Bronwydd flock had a top price of 950gns for Lot 68, which sold to Messrs B J & D E Baker of the Olives flock and Lot 69 selling for 750gns to Harry De Vliegher of Holland

Tim Prichard’s Castellau flock had a top price of 700gns for Lot 73, selling to I D & E M Griffiths from the Cardsland flock – sired by Wernfawr Spartacus and in lamb to Boyo Uncle Ted. Sant Andras flock of Justin & Tom Evans had a top price of 650gns for Lot 84, selling to Adrian Davies from the Glyn Coch flock – sired by Rhaeadr Popeye and in lamb to Bronwydd Tomahawk. The Kirkhouse flock of David and Johnathan Norman supported the sale once again by travelling all the way from Cumbria with two shearling ewes and one ewe lamb, with lot 95 selling for 400gns to Cheryle Twiggs of the Harptree flock.

The Arbryn flock of Arwyn Thomas had a top price of 1,400gns for Lot 90, which sold to Ben and Amelia Watts of the Willow flock. This shearling was sired by Brettles Sherman and is in lamb to Artnagullion Turbo. Arwyn’s second highest price Lot 89 selling for 1,200gns to Jim Neil of the Runningburn flock – also sired by Brettles Sherman and in lamb to Artnagullian Turbo.  Arbryn’s Lot 91 sold for 1,000gns to Carwyn Lewis – sired by Brettles Sherman and in lamb to Arbryn Tonto. Arbryn’s Lot 87 sold for 950gns to Cerieth Evans, Cwmgwili flock – sired by Brettles Sherman and in lamb to Arbryn Tonto.

In the ewe lamb section the average was 595.63gns, with a top price of 1,900gns for Wernfawr Lot 109 bought by Jim Neil of the Runningburn flock. The second highest price ewe lamb was Lot 115 from the Wernfawr flock, selling for 1,350gns to Declan Miley, of the Knockcroghery flock – sired by Arbryn SamJay. The same buyer also bought Lot 111 for 1,100gns.

Multiple Wernfawr ewe lambs made four figures. Lot 127 sold for 1,300gns to David Roberts of the Boyo flock; Lot 106 sold for 1,250gns to Sinead and Eoin Brophy of the Kellistown flock; Lot 124 sold for 1,050gns to the Elsworthy family of the Elsridge flock and Lot 117 sold for 950gns to Graham Foster of the Springhill flock. The Kirkhouse flock sold a ewe lamb for 420gns to Messrs TF Duncan & Co, Co Antrim – sired by Rhaeadr Tradesman.

With a total of 134 head of Charollais females on offer at the sale, only 4 were not sold, with a total of 47 different buyers.

Following the sale of ewe lambs, doses of semen were offered for sale with proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. Collwyn and Avril Rees of the Llynfi flock bought both lots, 10 doses from Wernfawr Nijinksy for 105gns and 10 doses from Wernfawr Stormer for 210gns, with Brightwells Madley department donating 105gns also. 

Many thanks go to all the vendors for such a strong show of sheep, to the buyers who travelled from all around the UK to attend and to Greg Christopher and his team at Brightwells.


Marwoods crowned champion and top price again at annual CCM Skipton Charollais females highlight

As they have done so often in the past, the Marwood family were once again the outstanding performers at the British Charollais Sheep Society’s annual autumn show and sale of registered breeding females at Skipton Auction Mart. (Sat, Oct 12)

The Marwoods – Charles and Valerie, and son Stephen, who run the Foulrice flock at Whenby, York – secured yet another breed championship with their first prize shearling ewe, a December, 2017, daughter of the family’s celebrated stock ram, Dalby Mount Aloe. Out of a daughter of Rhaeadr Nock, the title winner, shown successfully all summer, has been scanned in-lamb to the Foulrice flock’s new stock ram, the Hollylodge Supreme son, Cavick Up & Away. She sold locally for a sale-topping 1,200gns to Robert Towers, also a familiar face at Skipton, who farms with his wife, Jackie, at Greenlands Farm, Ingleton.

Another March, 2018, Foulrice shearling ewe scanned carrying twins to Cavick Up & Away stood third in its show class. This one, a March, 2018, daughter of Sheldon Supreme, out of a Foulrice Osprey-sired ewe, sold for 800gns.

The Marwoods also stepped up with the first and second prize ewe lambs, the former again by Sheldon Supreme and sold for a section-topping 550gns to L Thompson, of Fadmoor in Ryedale, the latter by Dalby Sherman making 520gns. Two further shearling ewes sold well at 820gns and 720gns, these both Reuben daughters scanned in-lamb to Cavick Up & Away.

Northern Ireland show judge Gordon Houston, of Randalstown in Co. Antrim, remained in the shearling ewe show class for his reserve champion, the second prize winner from another breed stalwart, Kenton Foster, who runs the Fosters flock in Garriston, Leyburn. His December, 2017, daughter of main stock ram, Gwyndy performed well in the 2019 show arena, winning at both Wensleydale and North Yorkshire County Shows, while her own dam, a Banwy Othello daughter, was a Great Yorkshire runner-up as a ewe lamb. Scanned carrying twins to Coventry Fosterman, the overall runner-up joined Welsh buyer D Hughes, of Caernarfon in Gwynedd, at 700gns.

Mr Foster did better when selling a second shearling ewe, fourth prize winner in class, at 750gns. This was another Gwyndy daughter and full sister to the 2018 Great Yorkshire reserve champion. Scanned carrying twins to the Fosters show ram lamb, she joined E Benn in Cotherstone, Barnard Castle. A second shearling ewe from the same home, this a daughter of Maerdy Musketeer, made 700gns.

Standing first and second in the older ewe show class was Mark Worthington, the red rosette winner, a January, 2017, 2 shear by Galtres Lynz Unstoppable out of a Logie Durno Kracker-sired dam, headed its class prices when falling for 500gns, again to Teesdale’s E Benn. The second prize winner, a 3 shear ewe by Edstaston Orwell, made 400gns, as did a further Sandbrook ewe.

Another older ewe, a December, 2016, Artnagullion Nightrider daughter from Mark Wilkin’s Witcham flock near Ely, also made 400gns, another from the same home doing better at 420gns, along with a 320gns ewe lamb.

Ewes and shearlings were a solid trade with a good clearance rate, while ewe lambs were more selective. Shearling ewes averaged £516, older ewes £395 and ewe lambs £312.


Logie Durno Charollais Ewe Lamb tops Saucy Sale at 2,800 gns

Leading the collective sale of Charollais at Worcester Market at the weekend (5th October) was a powerful ewe lamb from the Logie Durno Flock of William and Carole Ingram, Aberdeenshire. This December born ET lamb was knocked down at 2,800 gns to David and Joe Lewis from Cheshire for their Cattlearch Flock. The ewe lamb’s sire was Loanhead Talisman and an ET brother was earlier in the year Champion at the breed’s premier sale, also held at Worcester. Others from the same pen sold for 980 gns and 720 gns.

Close in price at 2,400 gns was a well-bred shearling ewe from Dewi Evans’s Ffrwd Flock in Anglesey. Sired by Edstaston Sotogrande this one was carrying twins to Knockin Unanimous and was the choice of Southern Irish breeder, Paul Brophy from Co Carlow. A full sister to the top-priced ram Ffrwd Top Notch sold for 1,000 gns to Mr A J Hector from Somerset.

Several buyers were over from Ireland, including Mr J Miley from Co Roscommon. A very smart ewe lamb from Robert Greogory’s Edstaston flock caught his eye and he went to 1,250 gns to secure her. The sire of this one was the record priced, Knockin Shockin and her dam was by Arjane Jumanji. Previous progeny of this ewe have sold for 5,800 gns for Edsaston Tempranillo and a full sister was a 1st prize winner at the Royal Welsh Show.

Adrian Davies from Carmarthenshire had a good sale with his pen of 11 shearling ewes topping at 1,500 gns and averaging £567.47 Buyer of this daughter of the 7,000 gns Brettles Sherman was Justin Evans from Glamorgan. The ewe was from a top breeding female line and was carrying a single to Wedderburn Savill.

Saucy Sale Averages : 
62      Shearlings averaged                        £577.75               
10      Ewe lambs averaged                        £981.70

Auctioneer : Clive Roads, McCartneys


Builth Wells Sale 2019 – Thackwood Shearling Ram tops Charollais Sale at 3,200 gns

The last pen of shearling rams at the Builth Wells main sale resulted in the top price of the day. Jonathan Wales from Cumbria sold his Thackwood tup for 3,200 gns to David Roberts, Kenley, Shropshire. The February born ram was sired by Loanhead Ohio out of a Loanhead Nailer ewe.

Leading the ram lamb trade was Jennifer Curtis, from Wickhamford, Evesham. She sold the Reserve Champion and part of the Champion Pen of Rams for 3,000 gns to pen judges, Sheila and Kenny Malcomson from Northern Ireland. This December born twin was sired by Boyo Theinval out of a Shamrock Northern Star ewe. Underbidder for this lamb was Stephen Pickthall from Cumbria, who took the next lot, a very similarly bred tup for 1,150 gns.

The pre-sale Champion came from Dewi Evans’s Frrwd, Anglesey and taking him back to Ireland was the judge, Mr Eddie Buckley, Co Cork. The son of Edstaston Sotogrande had earlier in the year won the Interbreed Championship at the Anglesey Show and made 1,500 gns for his breeder.

The Padrig flock of Dyfed and Mari Williams had a strong pen of tup lambs forward and saw their first lamb in make 1,350 gns selling to David and Johnathan Norman’s Kirkhouse Flock, from Cumbria. The lamb was by a home-bred sire Padrig Sergeant Major our of a Trannon Running Thunder ewe.

A regular visitor to the Builth Sale is Dutch breeder, Harry de Vliegher and his pick this year was a Bronwydd Professor son, from Emyr Hughes, Pembrokeshire, which sold for 1,200 gns.

Two further ram lambs sold for four-figure prices both to breeders; a Robleston lamb by Bronwydd Terminator from R G & R A Jones, Haverfordwest sold for 1,050 gns to R & S Tindall, Yorkshire. Charles Marwood, Foulrice Flock went to the same money for Rhaeadr Union Jack from Myfyr Evans, Denbigh.

In the shearling ring buyers’ preference was for strong, well-fleshed tups and leading the way in the averages were the two pens of tups from the Ingram family, Aberdeen. They achieved two top prices of 1,150 gns for Logie Durno Trump and Loanhead Trailblazer; the first selling to A J & T Snaith, Morpeth and the other to Messrs Collins, Near Abergavenny. Their 15 shearling rams averaged £835.80.

New vendor Chris Timm from Yorkshire had a top of 1,400 gns for a son of Knockin Stud Muffin which sold to Miss L A Turner, Hatton, Derbyshire.

The Mortimer Flock from Geoff Probert, Herefordshire had a good day, selling their pen of 25 shearling tups to average £664.44 with a top price of 1,000 gns. Another pen in demand were the 15 shearling tups from Jeremy Price’s Oakchurch flock, in Herefordshire. He finished up the day with an average of £650 to a top of 820 gns. The shearling ring ended with a good clearance figure of 86% and only a few pounds down on 2018.

Shearling Rams
Number Sold                  163                        (182)
Clearance                       86%                      (86%)
Top Price                       3,200 gns             (4,000 gns)
Average Price                £588.00                (£606 -£18)

Ram Lambs
Number Sold                  141                        (127)
Clearance                       74%                      (71%)
Top Price                       3,000 gns            (2,600 gns)
Average Price                £424.00               (£470   -£46)



Top for Knockin Flock of 12,000 gns at Charollais Premier Sale

A ram lamb with all the credentials; super breeding and top performance figures was the sale topper at the Charollais premier sale held at Worcester Market on Saturday. Knockin Ultrashock from Abbie Moseley’s flock near Oswestry, Shropshire sold for 12,000 gns to Jeremy Price, Oakchurch Farm, Staunton on Wye, Hereford. The ram lamb was a full brother to the 2017 breed record holder, Knockin Shockin sired by Oakchurch Ruben out of a Dalby Malachite ewe. “The lamb had tremendous shape with a terrific gigot and outstanding figures from his CT data. Just the type of animal I was looking for my flock moving forward,” said Jeremy. Under bidder on the top priced lamb was Jonathan Barber from the Crogham Flock in Norfolk who took another Oakchurch Ruben from the same pen at 3,200 gns. Knockin Ultimate Package also had performance figures in the top 1% and this time was out of a Lindisfarne ewe. Sharing his purchase was Stuart Dunkley, Hyde Flock in Northamptonshire.

Next best in the prices was 7,000 gns paid for Glyn Coch Usain Bolt, a triplet ram lamb from Adrian Davies’s Glyn Coch flock, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. He was a joint purchase of Dewi Evans, Anglesey and Emyr Hughes, Pembrokeshire. This smart lamb was sired by Wernfawr Stormer out of a Banwy Power Ranger ewe. Glyn Coch Up and Under, by the same sire made 4,600 gns and goes over the water to regular Worcester buyer, Michael Power from Co Limerick.

The Ingram family from Inverurie, Aberdeen enjoyed an outstanding sale with their consignments of shearling rams and ram lambs from both the Logie Durno and Loanhead flocks. They dominated the show classes held on the Friday afternoon and topped their sales with a figure of 5,500 gns for Logie Durno Ultimatum, a son of Loanhead Talisman. Buyers for him were 2 Scottish flocks; Ben Radley from Dumfries and R & J Andrew, Ayrshire. In the Logie Durno pen of lambs the top price was 3,500 gns for the first prize winner, Logie Durno Upper Class also sired by Talisman. This time a pair of buyers from Northern Ireland put in the final bid; William McAllister, Artnagullion Flock and Ian Craig, Ballynoe House flock. Two lambs from the same pen made 3,000 gns apiece; Loanhead Unleased by Cannahars Super Star went to A P James, Bridgnorth, Shropshire and Loanhead Ur the Boy a Dalby Tuilagi son to McConnell Bros, Northern Ireland.

Sons of the record breaking Charollais ram, Knockin Shockin were in the top money for his owner, Robert Gregory from Shropshire. Leading his trade at 4,800 gns was Edstaston U R the Man; a top 1% performance ram out of an Arbryn Olazabal ewe. Going to this figure was Robert Whittaker from Roxburghshire for his Hundalee Flock. Another buyer interested in top figures was the purchaser of Edstaston Ultravox. Norman McMordie from Northern Ireland paid 4,000 gns for a son of top show ewe, Edstaston Madison. A further ram lamb, the same way bred sold for 2,600 gns to Helen Sloane, Rigghead Flock in Dumfries.

The first prize winning ram lamb from the Royal Highland Show came under the hammer late in the day and attracted a bid of 4,600 gns from David Roberts, Kenley, Shropshire. Rigghead Untouchable was a single born lamb sired by Tawelfa Rioja from Mrs Helen Sloane’s flock, in Dumfries.

William McAllister’s Artnagullion Flock from Northern Ireland certainly had some of the best trade on the day, selling to a top of 3,800 gns for Artnagullion Ulysses a son of the 6,000 gns sire Knockin Shop. His buyer was Patrick Tully from Bridgwater, Somerset. His pen of shearling rams was headed with a bid of 2,300 gns for Artnagullion Thunderbolt, also sired by Knockin Shop. He went to Gail and Gwyn Jones, Springfield Flock, Chepstow. The flock achieved the top price in the sale of shearling ewes at 1,850 gns for another Knockin Shop progeny, which went to B Danforth, Walton Lodge Farm, West Yorkshire.

In the shearling ram section the trade was topped at 3,600 gns for the prize winning and top 1% high performance index ram, Dalby Tarquin from Charles Sercombe, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Sired by Dalby Ranieri out of a Dalby Kracked-It ewe, his successes included Interbreed Champion at Rutland Show and five 1st prizes as a lamb, including the Great Yorkshire Show. He will be travelling over to Northern Ireland to join Drew and Stephen Cowan’s Tullyear Flock. The Dalby Flock sold their top-priced ram lamb, sired by Edstaston Tulloch for 2,600 gns to Myfyr Evans, Raeadr, Denbigh.

The Ingram’s flocks also featured strongly in the shearling sector with a top of 3,200 gns for the champion shearling ram, Loanhead Tarantino sired by Hollylodge Supreme. Chris Hawes from Bicester, Oxon was his buyer for his Grange Flock. Next best was 2,600 gns for Logie Durno Titan a Rhaeadr Orlando son which went to Griffiths Brothers, Cardigan. Another Welsh buyer, D A Evans from Carmarthenshire paid 2,500 gns for Loanhead Thunder, a Hollylodge Supreme sired tup.

1 Older Ram £735.00
105 Ram lambs at £1352.16 (-£136.84)
22 Shearling Rams at £1344.95 (+£280.15)
15 Shearling Ewes at £835.00 (-£257.00)

Auctioneer : Clive Roads, McCartneys