November 4, 2012



The National Scrapie Plan Ram Genotyping Scheme officially ended on 31/03/2009. Breeders who wish to continue genotyping their animals will have to use commercial genotyping service providers. When choosing a provider, please note the regulations in the Monitoring Scheme.

Council have stipulated that for the Premier Sale at Worcester all sheep must have an individual genotype result and they must be ARR/ARR.  They have also stipulated that at the Premier Sale in Dungannon all sheep must have an individual genotype result, but can be either ARR/ARR or ARR/ARQ if the flock is scrapie monitored.  Also all rams that are upgraded to Full Pedigree Registration must have a scrapie genotype result logged with the Society.   We have taken this route to help maintain the excellent resistance in the Charollais breed to this devastating disease.  Our breeders have spent many years and extensive funds to achieve the high level of resistance, so we want to keep this.

We would encourage members to keep testing their stock. Scrapie is a disease to which all sheep breeds are susceptible, but with the selection of resistance genotypes it can be completely avoided. Those who have experienced the disease in the past will inform you just how devastating it can be.  We have the tools at our disposal to eliminate the problem and should use them.  In order to reduce costs for flocks, we suggest that you continue to test your stock rams.  If you are new to our breed and wish for more information on this subject, please contact the office.

The Charollais Sheep Society organises testing facilities for both its members and non-members.   To order your testing kit (which does not require a veterinary surgeon for blood sample collection) contact the office.  Charges are as shown below: –

 (all charges + VAT)  Members  Non-Members
 Sample collectors £1.70 each £2.20 each
 Agrobiogen Handling Charge £5.00 each order £5.00 each order
 Applicator £4 hire for 2 weeks – or –
purchase £30
£5 hire for 2 weeks – or –
purchase £30
 Genotyping test 1 – 10 samples / £13.00 1 – 10 samples / £15.00
  11 – 50 samples / £12.00 11 – 50 samples / £14.00
  51 – 99 samples / £11.00 51 – 99 samples / £13.00
  100+ samples / £10.00 100+ samples / £12.00

Batches will be sent from the Society offices, as per the list below, during 2021: –
13th January
17th February
17th March
31st March
14th April
23rd April
5th May
12th May
26th May
9th June
23rd June
7th July
21st July
4th August
18th August
8th September
22nd September
13th October
17th November


The Scrapie Monitoring Scheme is run by SAC as part of the SGHS operation.  If you wish to join the scheme then contact them for details.

There will be advantages within the rules for scrapie genotype ARR/ARR animals; but breeders will have to support this information with documentation from an authorised laboratory.

The main reason for joining the Monitoring Scheme is to allow for the export of animals to EU Countries and Northern Ireland. Export of ARR/ARR animals from non-monitored flocks is also allowable. To facilitate trade the majority of the flocks who take part in Female sales have joined the scheme. Council felt that it should be the choice of individual flocks if they still wished to continue with the scheme.  Facilities for Scrapie Monitored flocks will be provided at our official in-lamb ewe sales.  This scheme is different from individual testing and is primarily to facilitate export of stock.

Contact for scheme details and application forms :
Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes
SAC Veterinary Services
Greycrook, St Boswells  TD6 0EQ
Tel: 01835 822456

To search for flocks that are members of the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme then consult their website –

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