Great Yorkshire Show Results 2018

Great Yorkshire Show Results 2018


1st        Ben Radley               Logie Durno Rising Star

2nd      Thomas Hunter        Boyo Rolls Royce

3rd       Charles Marwood     DG06408


Shearling Ram

1st        J & D Norman           Netherton Sea the Stars, 17KN01385

2nd      Charles Marwood     17DG07480

3rd       Charles Marwood     17DG07773


Ram Lamb

1st        Charles Sercombe   Dalby Tarquin, 18PE06856

2nd      J & D Norman, 18XNK02164

3rd       Charles Marwood, 18DG08181



1st        C D Timm, 12XGJ00698

2nd      Charles Marwood, 16DG06543

3rd       Kenton Foster, 16WTZ00495


Shearling Ewe

1st        Kenton Foster, 17WTZ00750

2nd      Kenton Foster, 17WTZ00741

3rd       Charles Marwood, 17DG07660


Ewe Lamb

1st        Charles Sercombe, 18PE06880

2nd      Kenton Foster, 18WTZ00895

3rd       C & G Watson, 18YST00781


Group of Three

1st        Charles Marwood

2nd      J & D Norman

3rd       Kenton Foster


Champion Overall and Female                  –           Dalby Ewe Lamb

Reserve Overall and Res Female             –           Fosters Shearling Ewe

Male Champion                                           –           Senior Ram

Reserve Male Champion                           –           Shearling Ram


Judge : Huw Roberts, Ruthin

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