March 10, 2015


The Society welcomes all enquiries for breeding stock, semen & embryos.



The British Charollais Sheep Society was set up in 1977 to encourage the breeding of Charollais Sheep within the UK.  The breed originated in France and was imported for its ability to give the lamb industry fast growing, quality meat lambs.  Charollais rams are used to cross onto any commercial ewe breeds to produce a better, meatier lamb for consumers.  The breed is also renowned for being ‘farmer friendly’ due to its easy lambing traits.

The breed has grown in popularity within the UK and it now commands a substantial percentage of the lamb meat market.  Over the 40 years the breed has been in the UK we have made significant genetic progress through programmes of breed improvement and research. The UK has an excellent reputation worldwide for the genetic improvement within the livestock sector.

The meat produced by Charollais is tender, full of flavour, lean but still succulent and carcase weights of 20 – 25 kgs are normal.


The breed Society is a farmer organisation and we have approximately 600 breeders throughout the UK.  We act on their behalf to promote the use of Charollais rams through auction sales, promotional events, research, conferences, open days, competitive show classes and social gatherings.

We have co-ordinated the export of breeding stock and genetic material to many European countries and further afield.  The breed has been established in New Zealand and Australia.


We are certain that Charollais genetics could have a major impact on sheep production in many countries worldwide.  In countries where the native sheep population is numerous but not highly productive, the introduction of Charollais could have an impressive impact on lamb meat production.

As the demand worldwide is for more food production from existing sources and in many areas a demand for quality red meat, the Charollais sheep breed can be an important player in this shift in production.  Fast growth of protein from grass is efficient and sustainable.

We have experience in sourcing the most suitable animals for your requirements, management of export certification and links with transport companies.  We also work closely with artificial breeding companies to give you the best service for establishing Charollais in your country.

Our breed premier sales have facilities for the direct export of breeding stock to European countries.

On this page you will find links to breeders who are keen to export.  These breeders have indicated an interest and have experience in exporting livestock and genetic material.  Please contact them direct, if you wish to or complete the Export Enquiry Form  (link to export form) and send it to the Charollais Office.

For your information here is a link to a list of existing export health certificates that relate to countries outside the European Union List link.

We look forward to hearing from you.


J & C Barber – Crogham Flock pdf-icon
Peter Coombs Limited – Mendip Flock  pdf-icon
RS & JA Gregory – Edstaston Flock  pdf-icon
W & C Ingram – Logie Durno & Loanhead Flock  pdf-icon
D & L Mawhinney – Rockvilla Flock pdf-icon
N Oughton – Lowerye Flock  pdf-icon
T Prichard – Castellau Flock  pdf-icon
CW & JM Thomas – Wolston Flock pdf-icon

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