Performance Results

Performance Recording Results 2017

pdf-icon Charollais Top Ram Lambs 2017
pdf-icon  Charollais Top Stock Sires 2017
pdf-icon  Charollais Top 5 Ram Lambs 2017

Performance Recording Results 2016

pdf-icon    Charollais Top Ram Lambs 2016
pdf-icon    Charollais Top Stock Sires 2016
pdf-icon  Charollais breed benchmarks – 2016
pdf-icon   Charollais Top 10% Ram Lambs – March 2016

Performance Recording Results 2015

pdf-icon Genetic Trends – 2015
pdf-icon Top Ram Lambs 2015
pdf-icon Indexes 2015
pdf-icon Top Stock Sires 2015
pdf-icon Changes over time 1990 to 2015 Scan Weight / Muscle Depth / Index / Fat Depth
pdf-icon Charollais breed benchmarks – 2015

Performance Charts for Worcester Premier Sale 2014


All the performance data for the rams and ewes entered for the Worcester Premier Sale held on Saturday 5th July 2014.

Performance Recording Results 2014

pdf-iconTop Ram Lambs 2014

pdf-iconTop Stock Sires 2014

pdf-iconHigh Five Ram Lambs for each flock

pdf-iconEblex benchmark for Charollais 2014


Performance Recording Results 2013

pdf-icon Top Ram Lambs 2013

pdf-icon Top Stock Sires 2013

pdf-icon High Five Ram Lambs for each flock

pdf-icon Eblex benchmark for Charollais 2013


New Web Search Facility for Charollais Sheep

Signet is pleased to announce the development of a new web base search facility that enables pedigree breeders and ram buyers to access information held on the BASCO database. The new search engine, designed by EGENES at SAC, offers a quick way to find and view the breeding records of Signet Recorded Charollais Sheep.

Information held on the database includes

The search facility enables sheep to be located on the basis of their name, identity or breeder. The “EBV Search” facility enables potential buyers to find sheep that meet their specific breeding objectives.

This facility will be of interest to breeders -whether they are looking for recorded rams, checking the EBVs for rams with semen for sale or simply checking to see if the sire or dam of an unrecorded ram has EBVs available.

For further information on recording contact :

AHDB, Signet Breeding Scheme, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. CV8 2TL. General Enquiries : Tel 024 7647 8829

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