Balmoral Show 2019 Report & Results

Foster’s Charollais Ewe “Simply The Best”

The 2019 Balmoral Show will certainly be one to be remembered by Graham Foster, Springhill, his outstanding Shearling Ewe, aptly named Tina Turner proved she was “Simply The Best” winning the Charollais Breed Championship, the Supreme Interbreed Championship and also chosen by Cool FM Presenter Pete Snoddon as Show Champion of Champions. Her powerful ET Sister standing as Reserve Charollais Champion – both are ET daughters sired by Robleston Superman and out of a home bred ewe 14WLK02106.

The Charollais Breed also dominated the Exhibitor entered Interbreed Pairs Competition, sponsored by Brownlow Radiators. Judge, James Warnock, placed William McAllister 1st in the pair of shearling ewes and Trevor Bell 1st in the pair of shearling rams. Charollais took the 1st and 2nd spot in the pair of ewe lambs. William once again in pole position with Trevor Bell placed 2nd. In the ram lamb pairs Jonathan Aiken was placed 2nd with his Charollais Pair

Kicking of the Show Classes was the senior ram class where Judge David Mawhinney chose Hollylodge Phoenix, a Blakeney King Louis son shown by Trevor Bell of the Lornbrook Flock as his first prize winner. In 2nd place was Lineside Super Sam, sired by Lakeland One Direction shown by the Malcomson family with the Lornbrook flock taking the third spot with a Logie Durno Nobleman son.

In the shearling ram class, Trevor Bell, Lornbrook took the top spot with a well-muscled Edstaston San Miguel son and out of a Hollylodge dam. Placed 2nd was Loanhead Trademark, a powerful Hollylodge Supreme son shown by the Malcomson family. In 3rd spot was Alistair Moore with another strong ram out of a Kirkhouse Remo son and a Tullyear dam. Taking the top spot in the ram lamb class was Jonathan Aiken with a smart Wernfawr Prospect ET son and out of one of their show ewes 16ZXJ00075, Carnew Roxette, prize winner as a lamb and as a shearling ewe. Standing 2nd and 3rd in this strong class were two strong rams presented by William McAllister sired by Knockin Shop.

Standing 1st and 2nd in the senior ewe class were two powerful ewes from the Lornbrook flock. 1st in the line-up was a Logie Durno ewe purchased from the Ingram family as a ewe lamb, 2nd ewe was sired by a previous Balmoral prize winner, Lornbrook Nutcracker with William McAllister taking the 3rd spot with a Knockin Paparazzi daughter.

A strong line up in the shearling ewe class saw the judge placing two ET sisters shown by the Springhill Flock of Graham Foster in 1st and 2nd place. Standing 3rd was another well-muscled ewe, sired by Knockin Shop from the Artnagullion Flock of William McAllister.

The ewe lamb class provided another fine display of the breed with Springhill once again taking the top spot with a smart Ballynoe House Playboy Daughter and out of the same dam as the Champion. In 2nd place was Jonathan Aiken with an ET sister to the first placed ram lamb. 3rd was another Springhill lamb, this one sired by Robleston Superman.

Senior Ram:
1st – T Bell, Lornbrook, Hollylodge Phoenix
2nd – Malcomson family, Ringclare, Lineside Super Sam 
3rd – T Bell, Lornbrook, 

Shearling Ram:
1st – T Bell, Lornbrook
2nd – Malcomson family, Ringclare 
3rd – Alistair Moore, Hillside 

Ram Lamb:
1st – J Aiken, Carnew 
2nd – W McAllister, Artnagullion
3rd –  W McAllister, Artnagullion

Senior Ewe:
1st –  T Bell, Lornbrook
2nd – T Bell, Lornbrook
3rd – W McAllister, Artnagullion

Shearling Ewe:
1st – G Foster, Springhill
2nd – G Foster, Springhill
3rd – W McAllister, Artnagullion

Ewe Lamb:
1st – G Foster, Springhill
2nd – J Aiken, Carnew 
3rd – G Foster, Springhill

Male Champion – T Bell, Lornbrook, Shearling Ram 18XWZ00489
Reserve Male Champion – T Bell, Lornbrook, Hollylodge Phoenix, 15XWZ00281
Female Champion – G Foster, Springhill, Springhill Tina Turner, 18WLK03933
Reserve Female Champion – G Foster, Springhill, 18WLK03927
Supreme Champion – G Foster, Springhill Tina Turner
Reserve Champion – G Foster, Shearling Ewe,18 WLK 03927